About Masonry-Direct

Our Mission

      Masonry-Direct's mission is simple; We exist to efficiently provide the materials your project needs.  You shouldn't have to waste time calling around to find a specific anchor to finish a project.  You shouldn't have to pay for hours of labor and gas to pick up materials. At Masonry-Direct.com you see what is in stock, what it costs, and you choose when and where it gets delivered.  This cuts out the wasted time and money spent finding materials, meaning you can focus on the important parts of your job, like meeting deadlines.  

      Our location in Hartford, CT is central to the Northeast region.  This means most locations in the Northeastern United States, including New York City and Boston, are next day destinations for most standard ground shipping*.  ORDER IT TODAY AND YOU CAN GET IT TOMORROW.  All items ordered before 1pm EST Monday through Friday are shipped out that same day.  This kind of efficiency keeps your job moving along, which saves you money.  

      We stock a wide array of masonry achors, masonry wall ties, thru-wall flashing, composite drainage materials, and air & vapor barriers.  

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

       Our website offers a decent array of supplies.  However, these are just our hottest selling items.  Our warehouse in Hartford, CT stocks A LOT MORE than what is listed on our website.  So if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll be glad to help you.  Also, if your project calls for some specially engineered anchor systems we can have those fabricated for you as well.  


141A Elliott Street East

Hartford, CT 06114

Phone: 860-296-1100

Fax: 860-296-1101

Hours: 7am-4pm